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keiyuu pretty

ARG!!!! ... I'm tired of this!

 The internet is working again on my cpmputer... I had a chat with the guy who owns it and he said he'd try and fix it. Then half an hour later he knocked on my door... "I've fixed it..." Nice! ^_^

I've now seen the entire first season of Hana Yori Dango. It's so sweet.

I just saw Alice's blog on Blackmarket... I don't know what to make of it!? If I'm that bad for her; why are we then talking about moving somewhere bigger together? I just don't know anymore. Perhaps it's time we live apart. 
I sick of having to read how she feels somewhere online. The only reason why I looked at her BM blog was because someone had said I should.
There are something we'll never agree on. A year ago I weighed 65kg, and that she said was a good weight for me. Now I weigh 63, but suddenly I too thin - I skinny and I look sick!?!? Yes, when I weighed 55kg I was too thin, but I've gained a lot since then. I WILL NOT GAIN MORE! I'M NOT TOO THIN!! And if she doesn't get that, I don't see how we can continue living together!?
I know I have to talk to Alice about this, but I actually don't know when we'll se each other again. I'll try to text her and see what she replys...?

Stephen is moving to Amager. I'mthinking about fnding a room there. Just rent a room somewhere on Amager. It should be possible to find, I hope! I'll have to talk to Alice about this. If I find a room and the rent is good, I'm gonna move...


I just read her blog, too, and I don't really know what to say. I'm a little shocked, and I don't understand why anyone (and her doctor of all people!) would tell her that. It doesn't really seem right to me, but even though what what she chooses to do, I hope it'll work for her.

Maybe moving to Amager would be a good idea for you n_n When Stephen lives there and all. I hope you'll work something out ^_^


Yeah, I think it's weird too, but if that's the way it is, then be it!
I just know, I can't agree to that.
I believe that to save our friendship we'll have to live in seperate places.
I love her and she's one of my best friends but I just don't know what else to do!

I think I'm moving to Amager, but I can't be sure yet. I kinda hope. I'd like to live close to Stephen but not with him, you know?
Yeah, it's not really up to us to choose something for her.
I think it would be healthy to live apart too. Also, you have lived together for quite some time, haven't you?

Anyway, I support you in anything you decide to do! n_n