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Det Pinky, det Pinky og så Brain, Brain, Brain...

I’ve just read through some of my old LJ posts (going back to July 2007)… I’ve actually changed a lot since then and so much have happened. It feels so weird! It weird to read about fangirl-ness over Nao or Miyavi or someone… I think I’ve growen. Yesterday (as I was reading the finale pages of ”About a Boy” by Nick Hornby), I thought; ”If my life was a book. Now would be the ending”. I’m not sure I’m making much sense here, but that was what I felt.
Stephen and I are still together (4+ months). Yay for that, but I’ll try to not make this entry all about him.
I’ve made a user on Blackmarket now… well actually I made a user a long time ago, but I forgot all about it. But I had to get the old user deleted before I could make a new. In the end it worked out. So if anyone here has a user there (and we aren’t already friends there), please, add me! It PRINSESSEN. Big surprise, ne? I still remember when I started using ”prinsessen” as my username. It was on a board for Ouran High School Host Club, and it has kinda stuck since then.
I’m visiting my parents this weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to the hairdresser… I don’t really know what I want!
There are so many things I want to talk about, but I can’t really concentrate. I’ll just stop now, and write more later…
Sarabai bai!